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This project is a memorial to those who fought in the Great War, to those who gave their lives, and to the families left behind.

Between the years of 1914 and 1919 the call to arms was answered by 113 men and boys from the village of South Creake. Twenty-six men died, eighty-seven survived.

A Roll of Honour Board was donated to the village by a member of the Townsend family, and the names of all 113 men were inscribed upon it. The Roll was initially displayed in the parish church, but was transferred to the War Memorial Institute when it was inaugurated in 1922.

As an additional memorial, a framed collage of twenty-five photographs of men who died was prepared. Of the eighty-seven men who survived, seventy-five photographs were displayed.

Upon closure of the War Memorial Institute, the collection of photographs was removed to the church, where they can be more readily seen.

Only three of the 100 photographs are named. Thirteen men on the Roll of Honour have no photograph.

Much information on the casualties of war is freely available in Public records, and on the internet. This has been collated by two volunteers. Parish registers and census returns have been studied to establish family connections. Uniforms and cap badges have in some instances been helpful in identifying regiments. A few photographs have been named by relatives.

Of the twenty-six men who died, there are fourteen positive or probable identifications. The remaining photographs and the personal details of the men are shown separately.

Can you help identify any of these men? If any photographs have been incorrectly assigned we would like to know.

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