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SAM2 Speed Awareness Signs


What is a SAM2?  

It is a vehicle activated sign that displays the speed of an approaching vehicle. If the vehicle exceeds the speed limit a ‘SLOW DOWN’ message is shown, once the limit is exceeded by 10mph the speed is no longer shown and the ‘Slow DOWN’ message remains, this removes the temptation for some drivers to see what speed they can register!

Who owns the SAM2 Signs?  

North Creake Parish Council purchased the two SAM2 signs and manages them on behalf of the parish.  

Where can SAM2 be placed?  

The sign is deployed in the 30mph limit, on stretches of road that are of concern. We will not place the sign where it will cause an obstruction or be an inappropriate distraction.  The current specific sites have been agreed between the Parish Council and an officer of Norfolk County Council’s Highways department.

Who moves SAM2?  

Parish Councillors decide where to locate the camera and then move it.  Full training was provided by the sign manufacturer, Westcotec.

How can the data be used? 

Although the police have 'no capacity' to look at the data and the Safety Camera Partnership only responds to the data from their own cameras, parish and/or town councils based on their own reading of their data, can flag up patterns and concerns, to see if police action could be taken.  The sign also encourages drivers to be more mindful of the speed limit and reduce their speed when travelling through the village.


Recent SAM2 Data that has been captured

26th January to the 5th June 2023

SAM2 8479 (Outside The Old School)

85th Percentile Speed 33 MPH *

85th Percentile Vehicles 68516

Max Speed 60 MPH on 02/01/1970 0830

Total Vehicles 80607

Average Speed: 22.95


SAM2 9640 (Outside The Old School)

85th Percentile Speed 36.1 MPH *

85th Percentile Vehicles 75786

Max Speed 75 MPH on 16/03/2023 0830

Total Vehicles 89160

Average Speed: 28.37


6th October to the 8th December 2022

SAM2 8479 (Fakenham Rd IN)

85th Percentile Speed 39.4 MPH *

85th Percentile Vehicles 50595

Max Speed 70 MPH on 07/01/1970 13:30:00

Total Vehicles 59524

Average Speed: 31.17


SAM2 9640 (Fakenham Rd OUT)

85th Percentile Speed 35.1 MPH *

85th Percentile Vehicles 53211

Max Speed 95 MPH on 13/10/2022 0700:00

Total Vehicles 62601

Average Speed: 30.25


The “85th percentile” speed is a speed at which 85% of traffic will be travelling at, or below, along a street or road.

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